Dell monitor won't work w/emachine

By yellowdog2
Aug 6, 2009
  1. Wife bought an emachine ET1641. After setting it up I could not get the Dell flat screen monitor to come out of "Power Save" mode. I hooked it up to my Dell laptop and it came on. Is their any tweaking I can do or is the Dell monitor proprietary with Dell pc?
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    The brand does not matter. The only thing that matter's is the connection (I assume the port on the emachines computer and the dell monitor are both VGA). A good test would be for you to plug in another monitor in to your emachines and see if it comes on.

    How did you 'set up' the computer without a monitor?
  3. yellowdog2

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    Dell Monitor won't work with emachine

    Thank you for your response!

    I plugged in the keyboard,speakers,mouse, modem,router and then the monitor.

    Turned on pc--black screen---on/off button was yellow---pushed it and got the "In power save Mode" message.

    Unplugged monitor for 30 seconds--same issue. moving mouse and/or tapping any key doesn't help.

    Dell monitor works on this Dell laptop.

    Can I plug in the monitor cable from the emachine to this Dell laptop as a test?

    If not, I will borrow a son's monitor-he has an emachine.
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    Ok. I thought you meant when you 'set up' the computer you meant from within Windows, not physically.

    Yeah do whatever you can to test out the monitor and the ports and see what works. This will help you troubleshoot where the problem is coming from. You said that the Dell monitor worked on another machine which means there is nothing wrong with the monitor. This makes me think something may be wrong with the port on the emachines computer.

    Is there another port on the computer that matches the monitor? (ie from a add-on graphics card). Maybe you can try that. Otherwise try and use a different monitor with the emachines I suppose.
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