Dell motherboard and CPU upgrade

By iNoob
Aug 14, 2007
  1. I have the Dell Inspiron 1300 laptop, with the Intel 915GMS/910GML chipset (according to CPU-Z). It uses socket 479 and the stock FSB is 400Mhz. I want to upgrade the Celeron M 370 CPU to a more powerful CPU (eg. a Pentium M). I was wondering whether ANY socket 479 CPU will work with this motherboard or only Pentium M and Celeron M? There are Intel Celeron M, Pentium M, Core Solo, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo processors (older model "Merom") that use the 479 socket.

    Will any of these socket 479 CPUs work with this motherboard?

    Also a lot (if not all) of the current socket 479 CPUs have a rated FSB of 667Mhz (even the Pentium M (which would work on this motherboard for sure). If I was to install a Pentium M with FSB667Mhz would it run at 667Mhz FSB or would it be underclocked to 400Mhz FSB?

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    lol you're right, the documentation has nothing on upgrading really. But do you (or anyone) know how a regular motherboard would react to such an upgrade? Would dell laptops be any different?....the Intel website says the 915GMS and 910GML boards "support 400 MHz Front Side Bus". Does that mean if I put a 667Mhz FSB CPU in, it'll run at 400Mhz? or will it just not work at all?

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    I would stick to the Pentium M that is the alternate choice to the Celeron M. You have power draw issues, heat and cooling issues, CPU Fan, and perhaps potential problems, if you stray too far from the basic design. The Inspiron 1300 is just not of the rugged design that you would want to mess with much.
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