Dell USB ports don't work

By wakeborder42
Oct 11, 2008
  1. I have a Dell XPS 400.

    The device manager thinks that all the USB ports are working fine. However, if i pug anything in it is not recognized.

    We tried to roll back the usb port drivers and it said that they have never been backed up.

    We tried to update the drivers and it said there was nothing better available.

    I have 5 ports in the back and if you plug anything into them then it locks the system up. The two in the front just gives an error message.
  2. LookinAround

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    a couple possible different things might be at play so try:

    Reinstalling drivers
    You don't need rollback but re-install the drivers already there.
    In device manager under USB you should see 4 different controller entries
    => For each one, Rt click to the controller and choose Uninstall (no worries driver files themselves are on your computer)
    => After ALL 4 have been uninstalled, from top menu items click Action -> Scan for hardware changes
    => The drivers will be reinstalled. When done try again

    Power reset
    If above doesn't help unplug all the power cables. This means unplugging the monitor cable as well as computer power cable. Wait about 15 minutes. Then plug back in and try again
  3. kimsland

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    Just as a point of interest USB devices are uually the first hardware device to go on failing hardware

    I would suggest you confirm the USB is not working in Safe Mode either
    To get to Safe Mode, repeatively press F8 key before Windows startup

    You may need to run a Dell iagnostics Hardware test on all your hardware (I have not confirmed if your Model provides such a disk, but you should be able to chech here: All Dell Drivers, and Downloads fo Your System
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