Dell Wireless 355 bluetooth pair problems with Blackberry device

By bushwhacker
Aug 24, 2009
  1. I'm not sure if some of people are having this problems.

    I have Blackberry Storm 9530.

    The bluetooth drivers was working just fine with my Motorola Q, but when I pairs up with my new BB, Vista continues to bugs me about the bluetooth drivers which i dont have any idea.

    I even downloaded two drivers related to 355 bluetooth ( Broadcomm BCM92045MD ), and none of those helps.

    Two of them has the bluetooth stack, which it works with my BB, but it's really slow on pair up process, and i always miss the target of finding the bluetooth security number ( which it's required to pair up a bluetooth device ) and I'm running out of idea.

    Googling does nothing. It's just full of horses.

    Blackberry forums have some details about it, but none of those leads to solutions for me.

    any idea?
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