Dell XPS M1530 dead? Help please

By ObeerBongKenobi
Apr 3, 2009
  1. Dell XPS M1530 dead? ***RESOLVED!!****

    Hi everyone,

    I was cleaning a xps M1530 laptop for a friend and it worked fine. I took it all apart and connected just the keyboard ram and lcd. and it would start fine. I put it all back together and plug the power cable in and hit power and the blue led lights for a split second and turns off. In order for me to get the same result I need to unplug the power cable then if I hit power again the blue led light for a split second and shuts off again.

    I'm not sure what happened but it worked better when the laptop was disassembled.
    This is what ive done so far:

    -removed battery
    -plug power only
    -hold button for 30 sec then plug trick
    -removed HDD
    -reseated ram
    -removed WLAN card

    Im running out of ideas.



    I took it all apart and started from scratch

    I only plugged the lcd and 1 stick of ram button board and it posts fine..

    so I start putting components back and after each step I would plug the psu in and see if it would post.
    so far so good....

    next I put the palmrest back and connect it with all the screws and power on to check.

    *NO POST

    so i remove all the the screws in the back but I keep the touchpad etc. cables plugged into the board and plug it in and it works..

    so i put all the screws back and plug it in and no post.

    so okay its definitely "SCREWED UP" (sorry couldn't resist)

    next I unscrew just the screw that goes through the cooling assembly near the southbridge and plug it in and it posts fine!

    just to make sure I screw the southbridge screw in again and no post.

    I took it out and it works fine again. I am just going to leave it out. It is making excellent contact on the southbridge which doesnt get very hot anyways.

    maybe this will help others. Most of the time whenever I ask for help on a forum nobody responds by the time someone offers their help I already have the problem solved.

    Thanks anyway

    Take care.
  2. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    lucky you didn't short the board. glad you got it working.
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