Dell XPS M1530 won't boot

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Oct 24, 2009
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  1. Svingtut

    Svingtut TS Rookie

    No, It doesn't anymore, for the laptop to turn on now I have to first run through the diagnostics, which doesnt make any sence..
  2. Svingtut

    Svingtut TS Rookie

    It seams to me like this looks like a sleep mode issue, seeing as the screen doesn't respond, and the laptop showing very similar characteristics from being in sleep mode, and not being able to recognize that the lid is now open and its time to boot. As both the fan and the processor is running in sleep mode right? while the screen is not..

    Maybe? Im not sure, very confused
  3. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    Try turning off all power saving options, if the thing stays stable and works ok, your theory may be right.
  4. deadxps

    deadxps TS Rookie

    I've got what looks to be the same problem with my 1530 :( Any good solutions emerged? I've tried the trick with the batter - no joy with that.

    If it helps any, I've also noticed that - when 'on' but not working - the laptop doesn't seem to supply power to a USB keyboard (it doesn't light up as it should; if you unplug and plug it in it lights up for a second then the LEDs go out again).

    I doubt that the laptop is in sleep mode. The fan on mine doesn't run when correctly in sleep mode - it does when I try to turn it on now.

    Next step is to check the RAM, I guess. If anyone has found a good solution, though, I will be very greatful.
  5. whateverpower

    whateverpower TS Rookie

    Well im in the same boat, put my dell xps m1530 to sleep came back a couple hours later and wont wake up.
    Turned off and tried to turn back on multiple time and no luck.
    Just blank screen but can hear fans and harddrive working.
    FN+ power gives first one flashing other 2 solid.
    Any solutions would be welcomed

    Rang dell and they reckon its the motherboard and since the warranty ran out 2 months ago itl cost $950.....
  6. Gokamok

    Gokamok TS Rookie

    My solution

    Hey guys, i may have found the solution on the problem that u guys have descired.
    This worked for me atleast.
    I called Dell Support and they told me it was a problem with windows, which i found pretty wierd.
    The told me to unplug everything, then plug the AC adapter and the battery in, then hold the power button for 30 seconds, let go of the power button and wait for 4-5 seconds, before pressing the power button again. The first 5-7 seconds it looked like the computer would have the exact same problem that id had before, but after 7 seconds or so, the computer turn on completely normal, and everything worked!! :D
    The guy i spoke with said that windows stored some info on the RAM's when the computer went to sleeping mode, and sometimes windows wasnt able to get that info running again. With holding the power button for 30 sec, u delete everything on the computer, exept for data on the harddrive ofcourse, and therefore the RAM info would have been deleted, and the computer would start normally.
    Really hope this works for you guys, cause its a pain in the *** to have this problem :)

    - Gokamok
  7. mutuk

    mutuk TS Rookie


    Awesome solution!
    My laptop was dead, I didnt know what to do... I had tried everything...

    Thank you a lot buddy!!
  8. mutuk

    mutuk TS Rookie

    Same problem!!! =\\\\

    Yesterday I did the solution on the post before holding the power button for 30 secs and everything worked! Today I was using it and then I turned it off. Windows made some updates 16 I think... and then when I tried to turn it on again. Black screen. Nothing again.
    Tried the 30 secs solution and nothing =\\\
  9. mutuk

    mutuk TS Rookie

    Working again! I used a hair dryer to heat the nvida chip and it is working again!
  10. Gokamok

    Gokamok TS Rookie

    Same problem

    I've seen to run into the problem again, even tho my own solution worked for like 2-3 days.
    Im speaking with a new dell supporter as we speak, hope to get some new solution out of it :p
    Will come back ^^
    The technitian told me it was a problem with the video card in the computer. So im having another technitian coming out on wednesday to change the whole motherboard, and that should fix the problem.

    Im really sorry for u guys without warrenty, that i couldnt help u get ur problem fixed permanently...
    Hope that u'll desice to pay to get the motherboard changed, or try something else. If u do neither, u can try my solution again, maybe it'll work after some more attemps or so, i dont know.

    Good day to you all!

    - Gokamok
  11. mutuk

    mutuk TS Rookie

    Gokamok, try to warm your video card! I did it with a hair dryer! lol
    heat it a lot, like when you touch your finger it will start to burn it.

    I'm having the same problem u has and it worked for me!
    hope to help...
  12. greakan

    greakan TS Rookie

    same issue with my M1530 and I am leaning toward a new PC because this thing has an over heating problem also...has been shutting down randomly for the past year. It won't run for more than five minutes without a lap top cooling pad.

    my first concern is the data on the hard drive. My last back up was a few weeks ago and since then I stored some very important stuff on the hard drive. If I end up buying a new PC, how can access the data on the hard drive?
  13. mutuk

    mutuk TS Rookie

    Good News

    if you are experiencing this problem, call dell! Thats what I did, even with my expired warranty, they replaced my mobo and now my problem is solved. Many laptops with Nvidia Geforce 8600GT are eligible to one more year of warranty due the bad nvidia chips, So I would recommend give dell a call and see if you are in that list.

    Hope I helped.
    Have a good x-mas everyone!
  14. fstyle

    fstyle TS Rookie

    Rehot the Nvidia chip, and everthing will be fine!
  15. Lonewolf911

    Lonewolf911 TS Rookie

    The GPU heating method works!

    Hi, I am also a 28 months owner of a Dell XPS M1530, warranty long expired. I use my laptop everyday, shutting down and turning back on no problem, until today I woke up trying to turn on my laptop, power button LED flashes and gone, nothing happens. So I use my desktop to google a solution and I come across this forum, thanks to fstyle, I tried to use the hair dryer to heat up the GPU (where the fan is under the case cover) and amazingly it turns on! Even though this method don't sound like a solution, but it did work for me, so I would recommend to those who having the same problem with everyone else reading this forum to try it out. People like me who owned the dell for this long will not want to pay over $400 for a fix like this, I would rather buy a new laptop... so I hope this will help you guys who are experiencing same problem. Good luck!
  16. Lonewolf911

    Lonewolf911 TS Rookie

    Following up on Dell XPS problem starting issue.

    Hi all, for your information, there has been a Nvidia GPU Litigation. What this mean is that many laptops using Nvidia GPU sold between Sept. 2007 to Aug. 2010 are affected by the GPU defect. The materials that made up the GPU components can't sustain high temperature and result in melting causing video failures. If you are experiencing issue turning on your notebook, this might be the cause. You might be elgible for a claim within the deadline (March 2011). For more information please check out the website below.

    Hope this help some of you guys out!
  17. H4mb

    H4mb TS Rookie

    hair dryer powa !

    I exactly had the same black screen problem with my M1530 (gpu: Nvidia 8600M GT 256mb). The symptoms were very similiar and I had the same error code with Fn+Power.

    After reading all the thread and because my 1 year warranty has expired, I tried to apply to However my M1530 was not eligible...

    I finally tried to use a hair dryer to heat up the GPU approximatly 40-50 seconds and it miraculously worked !!! thank you for the tip guys !

    To find were the gpu is I used this thread : Also the following video (even if it is not the right Dell model) inspired me

    Before the heat manipulation, I also removed the hard drive in order to avoid any disk damage.

    Thanks you again !! I will post a message if anything goes wrong in the following months but at least it works for now :)

    PS: Remember that you do it at your own risk !
  18. saiber77

    saiber77 TS Rookie

    Easy fix

    After reading up on this and experiencing many other products with Nvidia chips that I have run into I became curious and opened up my M1530 fan/CPU/RAM panel and held my finger against the heat-pipe and heat-sink above the Nvidia chip and watched to see if it would heat up while the XPS was on at the black screen, not only was it heating up but the fan was kicking on once it got almost unbearable to touch, this indicated that the bios was still functioning properly.

    I turned the unit off and unscrewed the heat-sink just above the Nvidia Chip and lifted it about 3mm off of the chip, turned the computer on and left it like that for about 3-5min while doing other stuff, then I forcibly pressed down on the chip and re-screwed the heat-sink to the mobo, then I turned the computer off and then back on again, voila ! hope this helps others without heat-guns or hairdryers.
  19. scullyak

    scullyak TS Rookie

    saiber77 you are awesome

    Function and power button: got the 1 flashing, 2 solid leds.

    Tried: dell support (said motherboard replacement)
    Holding power button for 30 seconds.

    Unscrewed heatsink from video. 2 screws. Applied a little upward pressure to lift the heatsink. Maybe about the force you would use with a canopener to puncture a can. And the heatsink snapped up leaving the GPU. Left the unit sit with the power on. The fan kicked in a few minutes. Then after about 10 minutes I saw some video flash on the display. Shut the unit off. Rescrewed the heatsink and back running.

    Any explanation. The heat fixes connections? Unlatches the GPU?
  20. saiber77

    saiber77 TS Rookie

    What happens is these Nvidia GPU's used on a variety of laptops run very hot and are known as a "Faulty" range of GPU's, between consumers not dusting out their laptops enough and placing them on surfaces with very little airflow (IE bed, cushion, lap) they get superheated which causes the micro-solder joints to melt and a result is 1 or more of those pins lose their connection with the motherboard.

    The end-result is no video and black screen with a confused bios and the equivalent of a very expensive doorstop. What you just did on my advice was the same thing as an "X-clamp" fix for an Xbox-360 which is to overheat the chip on purpose in order to "reflow" the solder, the pressure re-seats the pins to a connected state and results in a fixed GPU.

    Be sure to dust out the fan/heatsink very well and get yourself a tube of Arctic Silver heatsink paste from Radio Shack, make sure it is a Silver-Oxide compound as the stuff from the manufacturer of the laptops is mostly polymer based and is a poor excuse for heat-transfer paste.

    First use q-tips and rubbing alcohol (at least 91% strength) and clean the contacts on both the gpu/cpu and the heatsink contacts, then apply a very small amount of heatsink paste to the Die on the GPU and CPU, using a business card or something similar flatten it out so a very consistent layer is across the die, then rescrew the heatsink and go from there. (in my case i had to do the reflow trick again because i had not waited long enough the first time and seating/re-seating the heatsinks after cleaning and pasting caused the connection to fail again, but even with heat compound on it lifting the sink caused it to overheat enough to press it down again and re-create the fix)

    Have fun using your newly revived computer.


  21. scullyak

    scullyak TS Rookie

    Thanks a million. Today I purchased an active cooling pad and the laptop ran for hours without getting as hot as it used to. I shut it down before running an errand and tried to start it up 30 minutes later and same problem as last night. Sounds like I may have to wait longer for the reflow like you mentioned. I will try your additional recommendations about paste.

  22. algernonchigger

    algernonchigger TS Rookie

    Thanks for the advice in this thread - I too took the heat sink off and blasted the nvidia chip with a hot air gun (for paint stripping) and the computer booted successfully afterwards. This has saved me hundreds of pounds - thank you
  23. saiber77

    saiber77 TS Rookie

    So this fix I discovered with letting the chip overheat did not last long, like scullyak it eventually began doing the same thing, unfortunately the method of letting the chip overheat like an X-Box 360 which is termed the "X-clamp fix" is not applicable to laptop motherboards lol.

    I acquired a heat gun and disassembled the laptop, used a cardboard piece with a square cut out and wrapped it with tinfoil, this focused the heat gun right on the contacts to the chip.

    I began with 450 degrees Fahrenheit to warm up the components, then advanced to 650, then 850 while keeping movement with the gun so as not to focus on one spot for too long until the solder joints took on a yellow cast.

    This seems to have resolved the issue for now, although the chips do seem to be running rather hot, not sure if the temp sensor was damaged during the process but nothing a laptop cooling pad wont remedy.

    This fix is pretty universal for a variety of Nvidia affected motherboards and can be found on Youtube for visual instruction.
  24. Fatima2012

    Fatima2012 TS Rookie

    Hi I am also having this problem with this model. I am disappointed with this laptop because I have had one problem or another since i bought it. It is no longer under warranty but I would like to send a complaint to Dell. However, I have looked on their website and I am not sure who to send the complaint to. Does anyone have an email or postal address?

  25. saiber77

    saiber77 TS Rookie

    Don't waste your breath, unless you would like to begin a class action suit against them as they do not value the opinions of customers who do not have a valid warranty and would prefer to sweep your concerns under the proverbial carpet as it were, the only way they would do anything just for the people that purchase their equipment is if they were to descend upon them en-masse and in a public domain like in the media.

    You would do better to purchase away from the average consumer trash like Dell, HP, Toshiba, etc... ( I would suggest ASUS for gaming or ACER for budget) and when choosing a laptop with accelerated graphics choose accordingly, if you are an extreme gamer go for one with a replaceable graphics chip whether or not it is Nvidia or ATI, if graphics are not a concern then go for the low-end Intel Accelerated onboard graphics as they are unlikely to overheat as long as the fans and heatsinks are kept clear of dust and debris and they are not used on fluffy surfaces such as beds, couches, cushions or laps.

    As for your current Laptop issue if you are unable to perform the task yourself there are a variety of reputable services on the web and on Ebay that would be willing to perform the fix for a negligible fee and will even waive any charge if the fix is unable to be performed,

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