Dell XPS m2010 won't boot

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Sep 28, 2008
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  1. MitchPDX

    MitchPDX TS Rookie

    I'm having similar issues as of late on my M2010:

    Unit freezes up with the ati2dvag infinite loop error and goes into the physical dump.

    Then on reboot i get a parity error. It runs for a little while then the process repeats.

    Could these errors be caused by fractures in the solder flow as well? I am guessing that is the case since we have been watching a lot of netflix lately. Almost every night on the machine in fact. Had to have overheated the GPU.

    I will try the baking method if so.

    FYI: I did the same thing (except on a hot driveway in phoenix) with a hard drive that stopped spinning and it worked.
  2. fosho

    fosho TS Rookie

    PSU Baked in Oven

    I tired the oven trick as described above on the video card and to my shock and amazement my M2010 came roaring back to life. Thank you above to everyone that paved the way for my success, couldn't have done it without you!

  3. Hiskid1973

    Hiskid1973 TS Rookie

    Thanks much for this continuing thread !

    I was wanting to get a M2010 and researched issues and found this thread. I ended
    up getting a refurb from that did the light thing from someone on ebay for $250. I took the video card off, added new thermal paste did the screw thing (thanks brother) and it booted up after I walked away and came back. It froze on the Win7 welcome screen so I rebooted and it has been working since. Yes I did pray but I have been praying since I gave my life to Christ in 73..Anyway I experimented with the screws and ended up with the two tight over the mb connector on the left side. The right side screws were not tightened at all. I'm wondering with the right side loose it was able to more squarely set in the motherboard connector..Next project put my back up hd in the second spot.
    Anyway thanks again and God bless..
  4. 3pmg

    3pmg TS Rookie

    Oven and Artic Silver

    Cleaned and baked the card. Worked like a charm!!!

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