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Dell XPS Studio won't resume out of S3 suspend mode

By TeeTime
Jan 21, 2009
  1. I like to put my new XPS Studio i7 into S3 suspend mode when I am away. This works properly if the suspend time is of relatively short duration (< 4 hrs). For longer durations, when I press a key to resume I can hear the computer respond (fan revs, etc.) but both of my dual monitors remain black. I have the most recent drivers and bios. I've seen various posts that indicate this could be a vista problem, or a graphic card problem, but no real solutions that have worked for me. How can I best troubleshoot this?

    What I've Tried
    Tried the various power management settings from performance to energy saving
    When resumed with black screens, I plugged Wacom tablet into USB hoping it would trigger a video update

    My Configuration
    Dell XPS Studio i7 940
    ATI 4850 graphic card
    Dell 2408WFP primary monitor
    Samsung SyncMaster 912n secondary monitor
    Dell supplied USB mouse
    MS USB Digital Media Pro keyboard
    Vista Home Premium 64 bit

    Also, I am using an IOGear USB KVM switch that switches the USB Keyboard, mouse and 2408 display between the i7 and an older Dell laptop. The laptop suspends and resumes properly.
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