Desktop Audio Through Mic.

Hi all, I've had this problem where all desktop sounds are picked up by my mic on my headset. I've had this problem for years and years. I've searched the internet and tried several solutions such as, un-checking the box in realtek to treat the audio jacks as one audio jack, uninstalling realtek, plugging headset into the motherboard instead of front panel jacks, playing around in windows settings, turning off hot-mic, turning off all playback devices. None of which have worked. I know that my problem is not my headset as I have tried using other headsets and still the same issue. I have also tried seperating the mic and headset by plugging my friends blue yeti into the front usb port and my headset into the listening jack attached to the yeti. Still the same issue occurs. I'm also sure that it is not a hardware problem. I've replaced the, motherboard, processor, Pc case, and ram. I've also done a complete windows wipe of my hard drive that just left the OS. I'm not usually the one to ask for help but now I'm desperate to get this fixed because every I try to join calls on discord, the entire call complains about hearing my game 100% of the time. Thanks for all of you that can help me.

I was messing around and tried my friends blue yeti (USB connection for audio) in the front usb of my tower and my listening jack on my headset into my motherboard audio jacks, and the problem has stopped. However I'm not looking to buy a blue yeti, but this does narrow it down to be some sort of audio jack or maybe software issue, any help is still welcome.
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