Desperate measures

OK so I dropped my phone (motorola g5) down the loo on Sunday. It recovered pretty well after drying out except the touch screen wouldn't work. I got hold of an adapter and managed to use a mouse to get into the phone.
So now I've started googling to see if there's anything I can do to recover the touch screen functionality. Like an ***** I believed a post on one of these forums which told me to go into recovery mode. That did NOT help. The screen is now black. The phone still switches on and makes sounds. If I get a notification I can hear it. But the screen is just dead.
I want to recover my data but all the data recovery software out there expects me to be able to use the phone! I can't.
Can anyone either recommend some software that does not require you to change a setting on the phone itself, or recommend a way to get the screen back please?