Diablo III Performance Tested, Benchmarked

By Julio Franco ยท 33 replies
May 18, 2012
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  1. I have 3,2GHz i7 920 and HD6970 2GB. In large fights (which happen all the time on higher difficulties) FPS drops at 2560x1600 are very noticeable.

    I think this review fails to represent how demanding Diablo 3 really is. Of course it runs fine on login screen, but battle performance is what I wanted to know about :I
  2. Completely agree, without stress testing what the game can offer these benchmarks mean very little, if anything at all. Im concerned people will go out and buy under-powered parts because they saw a benchmark that showed 100+ fps! My processor and gpu run the game just fine running around town, but during really big fights its extremely choppy. Unlocked and OC'd AMD 960t and Nvidia gtx 670. Runs battlefield 3 on high fine, cant handle the physics in d3 apparently. The game needs a disclaimer, and this benchmark that says "Warning: if you have an amd processor you will experience massive fps drops". Im waiting for my ivy bridge 3570 in the mail, friend has one and never dips below 60 fps ever even in the largest of fights.
  3. dummybait

    dummybait TS Rookie Posts: 45

    Well my wife is playing on a Amd AM2 x2 4800+ with a gtx260 216core, @1920x1080 and it plays decent enough for her, I notice it does get a little choppy in heavy scenes... but for a rig tha maybe costs 300 to build, it runs great all settings were maxxed out.
  4. Johnny Utah

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    In most games, sure. However Diablo 3 does not support SLI or Crossfire and it can actually hurt performance or even hinder the game from merely running.
  5. "Of course his 1090t w/ 590GTX is not going to out perform your rig. He's got an older processor and if I read correctly, only a single GPU. Your SLI'd 580's will massively outperform a single 590 no matter what processor."

    You're kidding, right? 2 580s will not outperform a 590 "massively," or even at all. A 590 IS 2 580s.
  6. Starcraft II only uses more cpu because it has to calculate the specs, damage, and movement for every single one of your "minions" and the same for every single one of your opposing "minions". Diablo only has you, your companion and 40ish other charecters. in starcraft the numbers can grow to hundreds vs hundres which when all those get pushed through the arithmatic half of your CPU, it can easily put more strain on the CPU.


    diablo --- you and 1 friend * 40 enemies = 80 total calculations every time you and your friend hit 40 people

    starcraft--- your army of 50 * enemies army of 50 = 2500 calculations each time your 50 guys hit 50 enemies once

    and that isnt figuring the damage modifier calculations and defence calculations from upgrades and different attack types/damage resistances
  7. Ucrazy? Diablo 3 became the fastest selling PC game of all time.
  8. I wonder if I can run diablo 3 on a PC with AMD A8 3870K Quad Core Black Edition APU, since it comes with integrated graphics acceleration of the line Radeon 6000 (Radeon HD 6550D in this case) that the processor could run game without graphics problems? or I need another video card?
  9. My HTPC fitted with an AMD A8-3850 with 4GB 1600MHz of RAM running with 8-8-8-24 timings can play D3 good enough (haven't done any real big fights on it, though).
    But lol! Seeing comments about how much better D3 is on an Intel IB than any AMD proc is hilarious!
    Just to let you know, my gaming rig houses and FX-4100 @ 4,5 GHz and a HD 6870:, and it runs just fine. Even better: D3 seems to have some Bulldozer specifick protocols - the main burden of the game runns on c1 and c3 -> so two cores in two different modules I'd guess to maybe avoid the fpu/shared cache per module bottleneck!
    Or it's just coincidence, or something else. I don't care: for D3 maxed at 1920x1080 it's more than enough.

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