Dialup connection = virtual NIC (eth0)?

By Ph30nIX
Oct 5, 2008
  1. Been a while since I posted, but I've run into a problem.

    Im running Vista with a Wireless 3G modem (Huawei E220), which is seen as a dialup connection by my OS.

    Basically I want to run a program called WC3Banlist which is a game tool for Warcraft 3, however it requires the Program WinPCap, and wants to use a Physical Network adapter, and fails to see my dialup connection.

    Basically I want to "Bridge" or whatever, so that my Dialup connection is seen as a network device, eth0, or similar. My connection is pretty much permantely on, but I cant seem to find a work around.

    I think it would be "Virtualizing" the connection.

    Kind Regards,
  2. Ph30nIX

    Ph30nIX TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 243

    Bumping to see if anyone knows anything more, I havent found a work around.

    Even a linux solution would be fine, provided I can get the banlsit working under linux.
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