Digg celebrates five-year anniversary, nearing profitability

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Last week marked the five-year anniversary of popular news website Digg. A cross between social networking and news, the site fills a niche role allowing users to decide what sort of content is worth viewing. Launched as an experiment in November 2004, it was met with explosive growth and has continued to expand. It is now a large part of the modern web, and has a huge impact on news sites around the world.

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I quit going to digg, do to their political BIAS, and unfairness to the way stories are submitted.
I go to mixx.com, a little more reasonable, without the back biting.
Digg is for kiddies, mixx is a little more adult.

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Digg lost its initial appeal to techies a long while ago IMO. It's still a good alternative source of news if you are bored and have nothing new to read from your usual sources, but go there often and you will notice how it's heavily biased towards the same kind of topics and websites in the tech vertical.

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I guess I know almost nothing about this site even though I have sorta used it for a long time. I use a site called Jimmyr.com because it takes the most popular articles from Digg, Reddit, Life hacker, Dell, and every other site imaginable and places it on one convenient page with different sections for tech news, news, funny news, pictures, and more. I didn't even know Digg had a political bias I mostly only looked at articles from it in the funny picture section, in fact I hardly know what the site is at all. I never knew it was "A cross between social networking and news" which just sounds weird to me now.
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