Digital Storm intros highly customizable Black Ops PC

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Digital Storm has launched its new flagship PC aimed at gamers with a penchant for performance and a savings account to match. The Black Ops system is extremely configurable, and base systems start upward of $1,550 with platforms spanning Intel's Core 2 Extreme QX9650, Lynnfield-based Core i5 and i7 processors, Bloomfield-based i7 processors (including the Extreme Edition 975), as well as AMD Phenom II X4 chips.

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Blimey, these look pricey... I'd like to see how much it would cost to just build one of these for yourself though; $10,000 for any pc sounds pretty ridiculous to me...


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I say learn how to build a computer yourself and don't burn your money.....

70 dollars for Crysis Warhead? That's outrageous!
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