directx 9.0c problems

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Feb 5, 2007
  1. hi im installing a new game fifa 07 but it cant install becuase it tells me install directx 9.0c but when i check my system i already have directx 9.0c installed already. ok so i check the cd and i see it comes with its own directx 9.0c so i install it. but i installs in a flash without any progress bar and says finish. i run the game again it says to install directx 9.0c even doh it is installed already. can anybody help
  2. mailpup

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    It would be nice to know what graphics card you have and the rest of your PC specs. However, flying blind, let me venture a guess that your graphics solution does not support DirectX 9.0c even though you installed it.
  3. redman101

    redman101 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i have a nvidia geforce fx 128mb 5200
    amd athlon 64 processor 3000+
    512mb ram
    gagabyte k8t motherboard

    is this enough info

    i was able to run half life 2 and splinter cell pandora tomorow without any prolems.

    after some intensive searchin i found how to solve the problem i had to enable the atuo run program compatibilty in the cd to windows 2000 and it solved the problem
  4. bwanamakalele

    bwanamakalele TS Rookie

    still a problem

    I have the same problem and I have found the same solution several times on the net, but when I look at the properties of 'autorun.exe' ther is no 'Compatibilty'-tab... I have a Windows XP Professional. Is that the problem? Please help.
  5. nickc

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    get another video card as the nvidia geforce fx 128mb 5200, is a poor video card to begin with.
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