Disabling MS Word Design Mode

By billyellis
Aug 26, 2007
  1. Hi,

    [I have searched several combinations of these keywords, but always get over 200 results, so I apologize if this question has been answered previously and I just missed it in scanning thread titles...]

    I decided to try something new in Word - add in checkboxes to a survey. To do this I tried using the Forms toolbar, but while that shows a checkbox option, it instead inserts a box that displays an "x" when activated. So I used the Control Toolbox version of the checkbox instead (sample attached).

    The problem is that I can't get the document to be easily usable by others. Even if I disable Design Mode and save, the document always re-opens with Design Mode active, so users can't fill out the form as intended. If I go back to the Forms toolbar and Protect the document, everything is disabled and the checkboxes don't work at all (and nothing can be typed at all, and I can't unprotect the document again). The only way I can use the checkboxes as intended is to disable Design Mode on the Control Toolbox toolbar.

    Which is fine, but that toolbar still pops up as a floating toolbar whenever anyone opens the document, and it opens with Design Mode active again.

    I shouldn't have to tell people that to use my document they need to first disable Design Mode (99.999% of the people this is intended for would probably have a hard enough time figuring out how to OPEN a Word document) on a toolbar they have never seen before. So there must be something I am missing? The whole point of these add-ins is to make things easier for end users, isn't it??

    And why does Protecting the document, which is supposed to allow users to modify the form content, just not the layout and code, make it impossible to use the form??

    Word Help: "Note: Before you make a form available to users, protect it by clicking Protect Form on the Forms toolbar. Protection allows users to fill in the form but prevents them from changing the form's layout and its standard elements. When you want to go back to writing or modifying the form, click Protect Form again to unprotect the form."

    Perhaps this refers only to the add-ins on the Forms Toolbar?

    And while I am asking questions...where the heck are you supposed to enter field values for the drop-down combo boxes??? There does not appear to be a way to enter that into the form properties, nor do they give you an example of how to script it somewhere as a loading procedure.

    Is there anyone out there who is a Word guru that can look at the attachment and tell me what I am missing?


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