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Disappearing Drive Disorder (DDD)

By Jaylavoie · 8 replies
Nov 16, 2005
  1. IM having Optical Drive problems. A while back my girl friend got a new computer from radio Shack. Its an Acer computer which came with an LG GCC 4521B - CD-RW / DVD-ROM combo drive. It worked fine but before I got a chance to install Norton Anti Virus my lovely gf went on the net and found a nice virus called “desktop hijack” I believe which puts an ad for “PS Guard” on your desktop. I cant remember what I did but I got rid of it (this was a few months ago) and later I got my Norton CD and installed it. Norton went on just fine, the desk top hijack seemed long gone. However when time came for the Norton CD to come out it wouldn’t (Note: I did a scan before I had taken the CD out so I believe that might have erased something). I noticed the light on the optical drive would not come on, the eject button did nothing either. What was most puzzling was that the when I went to "my computer" there was no “CD drive” icon. It isn’t on my devise manager either. Its as if the drive was never there. I have checked all the cables and such and all seems fine. When I take it out and reconnect it to the computer, then go through the “add new hardware” program, the computer doesn’t even recognize anything new. So im confused. The fact that this machine comes from radio shack means it has to be sent away for weeks. Any suggestions?
  2. Triton

    Triton TS Enthusiast Posts: 82

  3. Jaylavoie

    Jaylavoie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Nope, its as if there is no power to the drive, I have checked the cables for the drive as well :suspiciou
  4. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    What version of windows are you running on?

    I would start with a good, online virus scan, just to rule that out:

    P.S. love the thread title by the way! :bounce:
  5. Jaylavoie

    Jaylavoie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I tried it out, but found no solutions for my drive problem, however it was a fine PC scan and found other stuff my computer could do without, so thanks for the tip, cause i will use that link again Im sure
  6. Jaylavoie

    Jaylavoie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Sorry, I am running Windows XP Home Edition
  7. KillerTron

    KillerTron TS Rookie

    I found this drive disappearance & fixed it by reinstalling software.

    Dear J

    Strange? I found this with a brand new install of XP64bit, as I had just installed and backed up the OS, so I just reinstated the backup. This can also happen with 32bit. I think it happens if XP thinks or sees 2 or more CD/DVD burners (mine are NEC ND4550, and ND3540.)

    Maybe you don't have a backup? Can you restore XP to an earlier time?
    note: backup data files first!

    What I think may have caused it?

    I installed a piece of software that didn't work properly in 64bit mode, so I had to uninstall and reinstall the problem software.

    The problem arises IFF (if and only if) you reboot the PC between uninstalling the problem programme, and DO NOT reinstall it again before rebooting.

    I do not know what is causing this, it simply cannot be a virus, as the OS was brand new. As was the 32 bit, that with the same problem piece of software, no other software (had been installed) other than Drive Image 7.01, which works fine.

    I restored to an earlier time. Then I uninstalled the problem software and then I reinstalled it again, BEFORE rebooting, despite being told to reboot, after uninstalling.

    Whalla problem cured. Drive no longer disappear.

    Have you tried this?

    KT :angel:
  8. fine/ultrafine

    fine/ultrafine TS Rookie

    its the drive, its all her fault.

    i had an lg drive and same thing happened, it just died. if you still have it under warranty take it back for a new one. thru radio shack or thru lg.
  9. Kitch

    Kitch TS Rookie Posts: 24

    ahh im having very similar problems
    i got this computer from a friend who is not technically inclined and thought it was broken

    it has been working fine for a few months now, but recently my cd burner stopped working, and the DVD drive wont recognize anything. So i check device manager and of course it says everything is working fine. Through add new hardware it wont detect my burner. I went in through BIOS and their set to auto detect,the powers plugged in and the lights on, they open, when i disconnect the dvd drive, the computer still detects the dvd drive that isint there.

    This is very frustrating and i dont know what to do
    Any suggestions would rock my world.

    is hp pavilion 7965
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