Disk boot error insert system disc

Apr 17, 2009
  1. Hello, I hope someone can help. I have a Foxconn KT600-8237 MB and recently decided to upgrade RAM. I recieved 3 1 gig ram sticks and tried them out and within seconds I was blue screened. SIW program says I have the capacity but computer wouldn't take it and would only recognize 2 of them and listed as 512 each. After trying several attemps to upgrade BIOS, no avail. I then put the regular 3 256 RAM sticks back in and all was fine..no problems.

    Then a few days later, I had to get a replacement fan because my top fan on my tower was done. Installed a Rosewill case fan with speed control.. System booted fine and fan worked great. Adjusted speed control to make sure it worked and all was a go. Then while trying to locate a serial number (just looking at it with flash light, not touching) on my MB to yet still find a valid update for my BIOS I blue screened again. This time when I tried rebooting I got the message "disk boot error insert system disk" my first thought was HD is gone. I tried changing the boot order in BIOS to CD rom, HD, Floppy...no go...tried even first boot with HD still no.
    I took out that hard drive and put my backup in (which I know is good) but still get the same message. I even tried inserting a new xp pro disc and I have nothing but that black screen and message.

    The only other changes that have been made is a brand new 3 volt lithium battery about a week ago because my other one had not been changed in years and my clock would not keep the right time.

    Any suggestions would be great, I'm not touching this thing without advice! lol

    Thank you!
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