Disk boot failure, Insert system disk and press enter

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Dec 28, 2005
  1. Ghostrider2k

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    Try This...

    I know I just installed an MSI K9MM-V motherboard on a project and had the same problem, has one SATA HD (main) one IDE HD and one IDE DVD-WR. Kept giving me the same non-sense. I ended up moving my boot HD to position 2 (the SATA one) and set IDE HD to boot 1. and it works, makes no sense since the IDE HD does NOT have an operating system on it. I played wth the BIOS on all setting and on a lark tried this, and it worked.

    NOTE: My BIOS, V 1.6 has the IDE as channel 0 and SATA as 1 and 2 even if I switch the channel 0 off...

    Try playing around in your BIOS before you keep formating and messing with the HD.
    My Motherboard has the Award/Pheonix BIOS and is very basic in nature.
    Hope this helps.

  2. liam.huse

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    EDIT* Just saw you fixed it :p
  3. MILKY3

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    Disk Boot Failure Error Loading Operating System

    Hey i got the same error DISK BOOT FAILURE but also different. When i put my window xp professional cd in and i delete the old partition and created new partition. After that i press the format FAT but it hang it stay at 0% and i restart my comp and i choose FORMAt FAT(QUICK) then it load to 20% den it say your may be damag couldn't format
  4. business woman

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    business woman

    I have the same problem and it ask for a system disk, I did a full recovery to my system and then this started. my computer keep trying to go off everytime i turn it on.
  5. BigH

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    I was sufferring from the exact problem that the original poster had. After booting from the xp cd and installing, I would get a disk boot error when the installer rebooted . In my case, it was because I was using a 40 pin IDE connector to a drive that was set to use cable select. The windows installer and bios could see the drive, but I wasn't able to boot from it.

    Switching to an 80 pin ultra ata cable fixed the problem, and I was able to continue with the install. If you are suffering from these symptoms, check that you have the proper cable for your drive.

  6. terminator911

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    I'm gonna give it a go...

    1) Boot up with an XP installation CD and make sure to delete all partitions & recreate them.

    2) Make sure to format C:/ to NTFS and do the extended format not Quick so your HD can be checked for errors.

    3) Once this is done it'll go through the motions of copying files for setup... after this is done your PC will be rebooted for the actual install DO NOT REMOVE THE CD YET.

    4) Let is restart and don't hit any keys as setup should automatically start.

    5) Follow instructions/prompts on screen.

    6) PC might reboot a couple of times before install is 100% complete.

    7) You'll know you are done with the CD once your Windows Desktop loads... ONLY THEN are you to remove the CD.

    For a complete guide to do a clean install go here:

    If you have problems please specify where this is happening.
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