Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk

By EChristianson
Jan 1, 2006
  1. Hi
    When I turned on my HP Pavilion computer (running windows XP) I got a blue screen with ***STOP:0X0000007A (0XC03E52C8,0XC000000E,0XF94B25D8,0X089A3860)
    ***atapi.sys-address F94B25D8 base at F94A6000, Datestamp 3db88971
    beginning dump of physical memory KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR.
    When I restarted the computer I got a blue "hp invent" screen with a choice of going to setup or system recovery. I tried system recovery & nothing happened.....I then tried setup. I enabled Boot-time Diagnostic Screen & found that it is not detecting a primary master, primary slave, secondary master or secondary slave drive. It then goes to a black screen with Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk & Press Enter. It will not boot windows & the CD & DVD drives aren't working. I only had the computer a couple of months & I haven't added or changed anything. If anyone can tell me what the error message means or what I could try to fix it I would really appreciate it!

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