"Disk Boot failure, Please Insert System disk"-- HELP!

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Mar 23, 2007
  1. Hello everyone,

    I just built myself a new PC, and I have a problem already. I just installed Windows XP SP2. It seems to be working fine for the first few days, but just yesterday, I ran into some problems. When I Boot up, Right away, I get a "Memory Testing" Thing on my screen. Afterwards, It says "Floppy Disk(s) fail (80)"
    "PS/2 Mouse error Or no PS/2 Mouse present."

    I have the option to "Skip memory testing", Enter setup, or Select my boot device. Either way, whether I wait for the Memory test to finish or not, A message appears saying "Disk boot failure, Please Insert system Disk and press enter". Easy, right? WELL, When I put in the system disk and press enter, guess what? Nothing Happens! Please help me!

    Puzzled and Sad,

  2. foozy

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    Try resetting your CMOS? Sounds like you're getting a variety of BIOS errors. That should fix your floppy and memory problem, too.
  3. Char_X

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    Firstly check if there is no diskette in your floppy drive, it may cause Floppy Disk Fail (80) problem.
    And check these things that can also cause this problem:
    (1)Floppy cable to properly inserted - in the Motherboard slot
    (2)Floppy cable inserted incorrectly - wrong end in Motherboard slot
    (3)Bad Floppy drive

    More info here

    Please post back in any result.
  4. zipperman

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    Not sure what your asking to fix

    Why not just boot to Windows ? A memory check is normal and should
    list what you have installed.The bios has a disable if it bugs you.
    Don't have disks in any drives unless your in Windows useing them.
    Thats probably what the error means.
  5. Blackjack

    Blackjack TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 62

    I can't boot from the any CD rom, or the HDD. I changed the boot priority but still nothing. I'm going to go try resetting the CMOS, See if that works.
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