"Disk read error" During Vista/XP multiboot setup..

By damienb
Feb 22, 2007
  1. Hi all,

    Can anyone shed any light on this error??

    I've had Vista installed for a few weeks now and have decided I still want to use XP for the time being while Microsoft sort out all the compatibility issues. As I had already selected the full amount of space for the partition on the HD during the Vista setup I was unable to Partition Magic to split it becuase it is not yet compatible with Vista. Luckily I found that in Disk Manager there is a "Shrink Volume" function. I shrunk the volume and split the drive into two partitions. One 320GB for Vista and one 145GB for XP. I then formatted the new partition in disk manager using the NTFS file system. Once this was done I inserted the XP disk and rebooted, booting directly to the disk. Everything seemed fine, it copied all files across and then asked me where I wanted to install XP. I selected the new partition and and then it asked me if I wanted to format. As I had already formatted I selcted no and to leave the partition as it was. Then it went through the setup processes with no problems whatsoever. When it had completed that part it wanted to reboot to complete, but when it rebooted it just gave me this error "Disk read error, Press Ctr-Alt-Del to reboot" I tried rebooting but it just does it over and over again.

    Ive never setup a multiboot beofre but it was my understanding that it really is as simple as installing the second OS on another partition or HD. Apparently the machine should auto detect that its a multiboot and give me the OS selection screen at startup.

    I just know that this is going to be somthing really simple that Im overlooking.

    Can anyone help???

    Many thanks in advance.
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