Disney acquisition rumors drive Netflix stock up

By Shawn Knight ยท 14 replies
Oct 4, 2016
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  1. Share value in Netflix has been trending upward this week on speculation of a possible takeover by Disney, hitting a high of $104.44 before cooling down a bit. Netflix hasn’t traded at that level since this past May.

    In a research note to investors, Robert W. Baird & Co. analyst Will Power said that in regard to recent merger and acquisition rumors, Netflix could become a target for Apple, Disney or someone else.

    Just last week, rumors emerged claiming Disney had hopped on the bandwagon of companies interested in purchasing Twitter.

    Disney has shown interest in the streaming space, having acquired a 33 percent stake in Major League Baseball’s BAMTech back in August for $1 billion. BAMTech handles streaming duties for the NHL, HBO, MLB and the WWE.

    Whether or not anything will come of the speculation remains to be seen and as Drexel Hamilton analyst Tony Wible notes, Netflix hasn’t exactly shown that it wants to be acquired.

    If Disney did go after Netflix, it would have to come up with a massive amount of money to fund the purchase and get the blessing of regulators. What’s more, Netflix would have an even harder time landing licensing deals from rival studios if it were owned by Disney.

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  2. wiyosaya

    wiyosaya TS Evangelist Posts: 1,935   +761

    IMO, Netflix should stay independently owned. I agree that if it is bought by a major content provider, it will be problematic for them to obtain content from other providers. In addition, I do not think that Netflix needs Disney kidifying their content which I would see as a danger if Netflix were bought by Disney.
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  3. fl21289

    fl21289 TS Booster Posts: 60   +40

    Don't give it to disney they will just ruin the damn thing.
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  4. mccartercar

    mccartercar TS Booster Posts: 140   +26

    Just look what they did to star trek!
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  5. Tekkaraiden

    Tekkaraiden TS Evangelist Posts: 997   +93

    Star Trek or Star Wars?
  6. mccartercar

    mccartercar TS Booster Posts: 140   +26

  7. commanderasus

    commanderasus TS Booster Posts: 195   +72

    The Stock Market - a virtual reality show where the players use paper with so called "value" to make bets that another piece of paper will have more value by "trading". There are so called live streaming of these trades going on with yelling and screaming humans in front of computer screens. Some say there is a character called The Wall Street Wolf some where in this story.
  8. Techstar

    Techstar TS Member Posts: 94   +18

    It was the wolf of wall street and it was DiCaprio.
  9. Pinkie Pie

    Pinkie Pie TS Booster Posts: 70   +30

    Doesn't Disney own enough stuff?
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  10. Reachable

    Reachable TS Booster Posts: 143   +44

    Ever since Netflix came into being I've thought that whoever is at the helm is the smartest executive in the world. Such creativity, foresight, boldness! They've done everything right, without having to be the slightest bit ruthless. And I say this as someone who isn't in the habit of admiring businessmen.

    Now we read in this article that there are people getting all excited and willing to invest at a higher price because of the prospect of the company getting bought out by a party that would only degrade it, because the stockholders would get a big one time reward. That's Wall St. for ya'.
  11. Milkyjoe

    Milkyjoe TS Rookie Posts: 21   +11

    Netflex came about because one man didnt like the late fees he got from Blockbusters, and at the time Blockbusters was making some stupid like $800 million in late fees alone
  12. treetops

    treetops TS Evangelist Posts: 2,073   +219

    I like netflix the way it is, makes life a bit better for us peasants.
  13. Techstar

    Techstar TS Member Posts: 94   +18

    I used to have Netflix, had it for years in fact, I started using it when it was disc rental only but then they got greedy and started raising rates and I had enough. Not a lot there anyways to be honest after you have been a member for so long. I am also an Amazon Prime member because I do all my shopping there and love the shipping for just 100.00 a year, plus I have all the free movies and tv shows that netflix had for the most part, plus the Amazon exclusive stuff. Netflix went from 7.99 a month to 11.99 a month (143.88 per year) for the same service I had, and even then they cut back on the number of screens I could watch at a time to only 4 and didn't give me any shipping discount. So when I had to choose, the choice was pretty easy. Netflix lost out.
  14. davejonnes

    davejonnes TS Rookie Posts: 24   +10

    Netflix went up yes, but they did so to improve content and quality... Netflix Exclusives, and the recent stuff is all coming out in 4k (not to mention it's 4 dollars more, 4 dollars a month...). Given that, I don't think just Netflix is enough... neither is just Amazon prime. I cut cable off at my house and I now have Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. More than enough content right there, for a fraction of the cost I had with cable.
  15. Techstar

    Techstar TS Member Posts: 94   +18

    We only watch TV once a week, on weekend nights. And then it's just for family movie night with the kids. We do a lot of biking together and read for entertainment. Amazon Prime is more than we will ever need. I get more than 20 times the value of it back in shipping each year and the movies are a nice bonus. I also love the free Prime books we get, and there is music as well as offsite storage, a lot more than Netflix can offer us.
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