Disney launches its Galactic Starcruiser Hotel next spring with stays starting at $4,809

Cal Jeffrey

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@Cal Jeffrey Wow, with a memory like yours, who needs box sets.

The plot twist that Luke and Leia were siblings was not unexpected, perhaps even predictable. But, having a dirty mind, I always thought it was written mid-script, not at the outset.

Besides, that coupling couldn't be exposed while maintaining a PG-13 rating. ;)

In any event, all this led me to do some research on incestuous royal relationships. Apparently, "Game of Thrones" (as well as is real life),,is full of them.
I have 7 seasons of it in DVD, 6 1/2 of which are unwatched. (I didn't buy season 8, since nobody liked it, and as I understand it, the naked girl in the blonde wig with the dragons, didn't get the iron throne. Bah, humbug.
Yes. Incestuous marriages were very common for centuries, particularly in royal families, but also in small hamlets as well. In tiny communities like that almost everybody is at least a second cousin.

Oh and yeah, the sibling reveal did seem kind of off the cuff to me too.


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If you were walking away from the experience with a high quality light saber or droid or something along those lines, I probably know more than a few people with the proper mix of disposable income and Star Wars fanaticism who would consider this. Not sure they'd fork out that much just to do a few days of scheduled LARPing, then get kicked to the curb with nothing but memories to cherish, though. Seems like, with that pricing scheme, it would be smart for the park to throw in at least one of the premium "build your own" workshop experiences too.
The issue here is that, by most accounts, the "build your onw" disney trinketes are cheap chinese garbage compared to etsy creations, which are also far cheaper.

Disney may have gotten away with this when episode 7 was coming out, but after the gut punches of 8 and solo, the ever declining revenue, and the total lack of excitement for NuWars, I dont see this selling for long without major price cuts.