Disney revives Lucasfilm Games brand to begin a 'new era' of Star Wars titles


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What just happened? It's been quite some time since a Star Wars game has been released under the Lucasfilm Games banner. However, as of yesterday, the brand has officially been revived, paving the way for a "new era" of Star Wars titles across a variety of platforms. It's largely a symbolic gesture, but a welcome and nostalgic one nonetheless.

Before you get too excited, let's make one thing clear: this does not mean that Electronics Arts will be losing its exclusive Star Wars license, nor does it mean that Lucasfilm Games will immediately begin publishing its own full-fledged AAA titles again.

According to Disney, the brand will continue to work "in collaboration" with the "finest studios" across the industry, which, for console and PC, effectively just means EA. At least, for a couple more years (when EA's license expires).

As for what this brand revival means for the future, it's difficult to say. At the very least, the Lucasfilm Games logo is likely to appear in all future Star Wars games, from EA or otherwise.

Beyond that, though, this seems like more of a symbolic gesture than anything. If Disney's goal was to capitalize on the nostalgia many gamers feel for games like Knights of the Old Republic and the Jedi Academy series, it will probably achieve that. But we're not sure what other purpose this announcement serves.

Nonetheless, Disney has opened up two social media profiles for Lucasfilm Games, on Facebook and Twitter. Interested fans can stay tuned to those accounts for "breaking news and more" when the time comes.

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In all likelihood, they will use it to manage the work done by others to keep things more in line with the quality they want. This could be helpful for EA and the snot they keep handing us.


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How about another Monkey Island? DOTT/MM3?!

I always thought Loom had a good story line that could have been continued (I believe it was written as a trilogy).

Wishful thinking, I know. Also, ...I’m old.


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Probably. I was just giving a simplistic divide. I said that they care but I never said how much. The other side doesn't care in the least.
I meant the other side them. Seems like they care mostly about checking the right boxes (and they‘re not even doing that right) and messing it up for the fans.