Divx -> (S)VCD audio sync problems

By SNGX1275
Feb 26, 2004
  1. I'm having some problems converting a divx movie that I have into vcd or svcd. The audio slowly goes out of sync and I don't quite know enough about this process to figure out why.

    First I tried AVS VideoConverter 2.2 and it took all night to make it into an SVCD and the sound came out really bad, it sounded like when you fastfoward a cd, yet without being sped up - just the missing out part. So then I tried to just make it a VCD, well it came out pretty good except after about 30 minutes you could begin to see audio sync problems, and it was unwatchable not long after. So I thought well, maybe thats caused by the audio stream in the divx being vbr rather than cbr. So last night I tried another movie going to vcd that had a cbr audio stream. Same problem.

    Then I decided I'd just try and do it the hard way using VirtualDub and DVD2SVCD via the instructions on this site: http://www.dvdrhelp.com/forum/userguides/111846.php . Well I didn't get far in that process, I got to where I split my movie into 2 segments and then did as they suggested and opened it up in Winamp 5 and WMP9 and the audio is out of sync again as it progresses.

    So I have no idea why its doing this. After that I decided well I'll just extract the audio as a wav (like the guide says when I did the PCM it should have taken care of any sync problems caused by changing from vbr), but I don't know enough in virtual dub or anything on how to extract just the video, and then put them back together again (because I'm thinking that is a surefire way to make sure they line up correctly).

    So if any of you know what the problem is, and how to fix it, or an easier way to deal with divx -> (s)vcd conversion that would be helpful to me.
  2. ragez0r

    ragez0r TS Rookie Posts: 83

    yeah... i used to have this problem with my celeron too.. specially with divx movies.. seems the audio or video went faster than the other (gradually).. dunno which 1 tho.. anyhoo.. that problem quickly vanished after i got a P4..dunno if its the soundcard or vid card or cpu.. all i know is that a faster pc made that problem disapear

    wish i could be of more help...
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