DivX updater (since recent auto-update)

By ucould2
Jul 22, 2010
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  1. I am having a problem trying to turn off my DivX update upon start-up. The reason I wish to disable it is because it tries to load up my internet connection while running start-up.
    I have used > "System Configuration Utility" > "Startup" tab > "unchecked box" aligning with the "DivXUpdate" to disable the logging on procedure. But the system does not allow me and starts then in "Diagnostic Mode" and wishes\asks to restart in "Normal Startup" which in turn means that the DiVXUpdater runs? (sighs) -Ahh the wisdom of all this Win dows is all...
    The DiVX forum here is under construction...

    I could stop Windows from updating altogether but then I would not get the security updates.

    Does anyone know where I would find the "handle" for the DiVXUpdater as I was thinking\toying with the idea, that, if I disable that one line\configuration then I would at least be able to turn on the computer without having to "Halt Process" in "Task Manger" ?

    Windows XP ProSP3
    Internet connection is via USB dongle (HUAWEI Technologies)
    DiVX Version 7.1 (I'm not sure which part of the program the DiVXUpdater is trying to update?)
  2. ucould2

    ucould2 TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 271

    It's OK guys found out it was another\different Mic ro Sof t tool that was causing the system to want to "log-on" to the internet. I used Autoruns.zip from here to locate the "logging on" file, then unmarked the corresponding box and now at last (sigh) nothing stalls my start-up

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