DMZ and you... or Me... Can someone help?

By SilenceOfComp
Nov 17, 2009
  1. Ok, So I'm a gamer, and I game on PC and Xbox 360, problem I'm having is NAT restriction on the 360, pain in the rear. Adds lag to games which gets very annoying, like for example... CODMW2... With NAT open I can get 1.5 kill/death ratio and with NAT on strict its like .7 So, I naturally use DMZ to get past the NAT restrictions, but as soon as I turn on DMZ for the IP my xbox uses, my internet on my laptop and my desktop (both wireless to Router, xbox wired) stop working.

    The computers are still connected to the router, and the connection still says that I am connected to "Local and Internet". Now, I can connect to the router (Login to admin pages) but I just cannot go to webpages.

    Tech Specs:
    Belkin N Wireless Router
    Model Number: F5D8233-4v3
    Router IP:

    Laptop IP : (automatic)
    Desktop IP : (automatic)
    XBOX 360 : (manual)

    So in short I cannot use my xbox and mY laptop at the same time without keeping NAT strict on the XBOX 360.
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