DNS is not responding, disconnecting issue

By dgkrogstad
Jul 13, 2011
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  1. hi everyone, first time posting in this forum. So heres my problem, my wireless connection is good most of the time, really good, that is when I'm simply just surfing the web, but even then sometimes my internet speed gets really slow. My biggest problem though it when im streamin videos or playing an MMO game. I could be playing a game for a good 15 mins, no problems then suddenly everything freezes and i get disconnected. When it comes to streaming, i could have the video loading quickly and then all of a sudden it will slow down to a snails paste and occasionally it will stop all together, On a few occasions i completely lose my internet connection and says its local only, the page says my dns is not responding or something along those lines(i know i should of took a screen shot) normally i can fix these problems by flipping my wireless Lan switch on and off and my connection will come back but its only a momentarily quick fix and sometimes it will act up again a couple mins after. there are two other laptops in this house and the internet connection is never bad, its always stable unlike mine. On the command prompt, ive ipconfig/release, ipconfig/renew and ipconfig/flushdns and its the same as flipping my lan switch on and off as its only a quick fix and ill receive problems shortly after again, heres my ipconfig /all pic with my wireless connection. My dad says its failed hardware, but he knows nothing about computers and i dont want to start thinking that as ive only had this comp for 4 months, im good with computers but still inexperience in this department as most of my comps never had an ip address/dns problem, so its unknown territory for me, and sorry if this is long, dont post in forums often

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