Do I need to upgrade anytime soon?

By LXIX ยท 9 replies
Oct 24, 2007
  1. Since E3 announced all the new games and november-december is right around the corner I'm wondering if my computer's current specs has what it takes to handle the new games coming out (i.e. Huxley)

    Specs. (custom built)

    cpu: Pentium 4 HT 3.0ghz (overclock 3.4ghz)
    video card: Radeon x1950 Pro (256mb, DX9)
    RAM: 2.5gbs Mushkin Ram
    Mobo: Abit, AW8D
    Audio: Realtek HD Audio Card
    Monitor: 18" lcd, liquid video
    cpu fan: cooler master tower cooler
    case: Apevia X-Discovery (mid-tower ATX)

    I'm pretty sure i need to upgrade a bit but could someone help tell me in order of importance what i should upgrade first.
    Also how soon will I need to get DX10, I don't care about the flashy fire and smoke stuff but how soon will games start coming out with support for DX10 ONLY.

    thanks for reading
  2. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    DX10-only games are still far-off methinks, so you should be okay with that video card. The only thing holding you back is your processor, so upgrade that to a dual-core one (AMD or Intel, it's your choice, although I'd prefer C2D along with a P35 chipset motherboard) and you'll be great for about a year or so.
  3. Ph30nIX

    Ph30nIX TS Rookie Posts: 243

    I hardly think its ok to say "you'll be great for about a year or so". With the rate that technology and game development moves these days, unless he buys the absolute top of the line gear, then it will be out dated fairly quickly. Eg. Within weeks of purchasing a new laptop, prices came down and better and faster laptops came out at the same price. Its just the way technology goes.

    The pace of development is also increasing at a phenomenal rate. The only way to be sure of what you need is to do your research, and acquire gear based on what games you play now, your available budget, and known requirements for games that you will be likely to play once they come out.

    Just my 2 cents, but IMO theres not really such thing as current gear now.
  4. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    It's not necessary to buy top-of-the-range hardware to enjoy a game. In about a year quad-cores will have dropped in price enough to make them affordable enough for everyone. Looking at the minimum requirements of games like Crysis, I don't think you'd absolutely need to have an 8800\HD 2900 series card to enjoy the game. And he specifically asked about games that will be DX10-only titles, which is not going to be anytime soon, since DX10 hardware has to become affordable enough for the majority of people to have it so they can run the game, otherwise nobody will buy the game. He will do quite well for a year until DX10 cards become a must-have for a gamer.
  5. LXIX

    LXIX TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 108

    Alright DX10 games not coming out soon makes sense since not everyone will have DX10 cards for a while and would drop sales on DX10 ONLY games. One problem with the cpu upgrade idea though. I read on my motherboard that it only supports Pentium 4 and Pentium D Intel processors. My motherboard is Abit AW8D so if someone can check if that's true or if that's a lie it would be great. (LGA 775 socket)
  6. Tedster

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    It's only time to upgrade when your current system doesn't operate the software that you want to use/play.
    otherwise, it's a waste of $
  7. Ph30nIX

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    The other thing to note that is by the time that most mainstream programs start utilizing quad-cores, is that they will have improved much more. Ie. The price will drop and their performance will be much better. IMO its not worth going for quad-cores just yet. I have not upgraded my computer for a long time, and especially using XP you can always squeeze it for a little extra juice. I had a P3 running xp and office programs as well as my 2.8ghz p4, but obviously the p3 wouldnt keep up with games. Though I did manage to map and render for CS:S on it, which is quite alarming.
  8. LXIX

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    Yeah i have XP and i don't plan on upgrading it anytime soon, well at least not until the games for windows live games start coming out. ezpk 360 owners with are keyboard and mouse LOL! on another note I heard css was great, i just bought it on steam right now.

    edit: oh are you saying i can survive on a single core for a while then? maybe if i upgrade to the 3.8ghz P4 since my mobo reads as not supporting Dual Core
  9. Cinders

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    LXIX your chipset supports Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Duo Extreme with a Front Side Bus up to 1066MHz but your board does not. :(
  10. warren

    warren TS Rookie

    Dx 10

    ok look DX10 is shader 4.0 thats all and only Gforce 8 and higher and sum new ATI cards support that . but i'm talking about 4-7 000 rand cards . and only vista is compatable with DX 10 so dont worry by next year 60%+ of software and games is going to be Vista compatble only, u must upgrade sooner or later.
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