Do you overclock your computer?

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I was mildly overclocking my Core 2 Duo E8500 (3.6 GHz instead of 3.16), until it hit me that I cannot afford a new CPU, Mobo, and RAM, so I went back to stock to hopefully squeeze a few more years out of this setup.


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In the 90's, yep, but today, I don't play games like I did.
The only intensive thing that eats up my computer these days is Photoshop.
I build a new computer for myself, around how well it runs that. Everything
is stock. With components less expensive than they were "back then", it's
just easier to buy new, than screw with the clocks.
Now, back in the old days, one of the best bang for the buck deals was the
Celeron 300a that could be overclocked to 450mhz.

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Haven't in several years. Melted some things along the way. Less of a hobby and more of a tool.


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Why paying extra money for a K version + a decent CPU cooler just to get a few FPS if not at all , I prefer staying at the stuck clocks and invest the extra money on another component or just getting a better CPU/GPU


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I had my 3770k at 5ghz for a few days just because of how freaking awesome it was to hit 5ghz. I backed off because I thought I damaged the motherboard. 2 sata ports stopped working along with the front audio headers. Intels boost clock is a good enough overclock for me anyway. I ran a 24/7 OC of 4.7 for awhile, but it was kind of pointless. I never needed the extra speed so it was all just vanity.

However, I did have an Athlon X2(socket AM2) it ran at 2.2ghz stock and I was running it at 2.8ghz. Back then CPU's needed overclocked. After that I had a phenom 720BE that I OC'd to 3.7 or something up from the base clock of 2.8.

I've OC'd videocards but I've had so many that I don't remember any of overclocks.


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Not at the moment, I got my 970 nvidia card used off ebay and I don't want it to explode. I'm not clocking my cpu either, just using the boost to 3.9 ghz 4690k. I got my cpu on black friday cheaper then the none k version. Maybe Ill up it when I get my replacement water pump. The stock fans keeps my cpu in the upper 50s under load.


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My 4690k is going at 4ghz right now. I've ran my gtx 980 with the "kboost" setting in evga precision x a few times. honestly though when it comes to gaming I dont see any difference really when I have frap open going from 3.5 to 4 or using kboost. maybe a 5 frame difference on average and if you're hitting 80-100+ in basically everything at stock then the extra boost is kinda pointless from a gaming perspective.


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I have always overclocked my computers. Though I do what I can with stock voltages, my logic being it shouldn't put too much extra stress on the CPU.
Currently I run my 5820k @ 4Ghz 24/7, I've benched it at 4.7Ghz.
My 3570k sat at 4Ghz 24/7 as well.

I started out overclocking on a Pentium dual core E2180 @ 2Ghz, pushed that up to 2.7Ghz.


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Yes I do. I5-3570K@ 4.5ghz. I stopped overclocking video card though since it made little sense for POEx, POE, Grim Dawn and other games.


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Yes always, its always a safe bet to get that extra 500Mhz+ clock at no extra cost (ex electricity bills).


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Doesn't seem worth the trouble with a CPU these days - even a half-decent one over the past few years never seems to be stressed or a bottleneck in a system unless you are doing something very specific such as large amounts of compression or de/encoding.


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I bought a PC with an i7 4770 (non K) so that I would have tons of horsepower without overclocking. And it worked! However, I do overclock my 7950 TOP by 100MHz when playing Battlefield 4 as it is demanding. But the CPU copes admirably with anything I throw at it. So my advice is: if you want CPU power, buy enough to cover you for the future...


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FX-8320E @ 4ghz
7850 @ 1050mhz (and undervolted).

I also was given an htpc with a Pentium 4 3.2ghz which I easily overclocked to 3.6ghz. It's about as fast as my old Athlon 64 @ 2.2ghz.