Dorian S. Nakamoto hires law firm to 'clear his name' of Bitcoin claims


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Newsweek recently dubbed Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto "the face behind Bitcoin" in a major scoop as part of the publication's return to print. Although the claims were promptly refuted by the 64-year old man, who lives a modest life in Los...

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Can we just all agree to leave the guy alone people? I mean seriously a car chase on a 64 year old man...Why don't you shoot out his tires while your at it and beat up the poor guy...

Ill be honest, I do think he is the man who made it just based off the information provided. However the guy wants his privacy for a reason and has enough problems as it is. I mean for gods sake the guy is again 64 years old and has had prostate surgery among other issues and does not need to be run off the road Grand Theft Auto Style all so you can get a picture of an old man.

Leave him alone Paparazzi, have some respect for his wishes and just leave him alone. I'm sure Justin Beiber has done something stupid recently, go find him,


I don't see the reason to care even if he HAD created it... so what?
Let me tell you something about Japanese people. I am an American living in Japan and I have been living in Yokohama for ten years now. Japanese people are very secretive. They always think of life as the glass being half-empty. Japan is one of the most negative countries I have ever lived in my life. Everyone is always concerned about loss and the like. Japanese banks pay zero interest so people think it is acceptable to work insane amounts of hour in overtime work to make up the difference. The government lies to their own people telling them that foreign banks are untrustworthy and not to take the risk of loss with them. Japan is run by big corporations together with the government control all Japanese people by fear by keeping them in the dark. Also Japanese people lie more than other cultures in the form of denials to protect themselves from the so-called loss of whatever they are afraid of losing. After the earthquake of 2011 Japan suffered enormous financial loss and I was out of work for a year. So I trade stock options for a year and did pretty well. To tell you the truth tha average Japanese person has never signed up for an online brokerage account because they are too afraid of the risk of loss. I can pretty much bet that this guy is thinking about the worst possible situation that bitcoin could create and it the currency does crash he wants to disassociate himself from all blame or responsibility. This guy is not stupid, he knows what bitcoins are and he might of developed it or played a part in its development at one time.
Also take his sob story with a grain of salt. Japanese people always tend to exaggerate on the negative side of things. Therefore you can never take exactly what they say for face value. I bet his situation isn't half as bad as he makes it out to be. Also he says he has trouble find work, Hahaha! I would have trouble finding work if I was at retirement age like him. This guy is trying to protect his existing wealth, whatever that is. Also Japanese people are masters of deception and should not be taken for granted under any circumstance. There is a reason why the United States forbids Japan from building and maintaining a functional military. Simply put they cannot be trusted, plain and simple.
The only reason I came to Japan is because my wife is Japanese. The biggest mistake of my life. I plan to return to the states next year after my work contract finishes.
As for Mr. Nakamoto his greatest fear is that Bitcoin will cause the largest global financial meltdown ever seen by man and he doesn't want to be held accountable for that. I can guarantee that every single Japanese person would do the same thing.
You would be amazed of things that goes on behind closed doors in Japan. Psst....... The Japanese woman control everything in Japan. The men in Japan are nothing but robots control by the woman. Again controlled by fear, fear and more fear. What a BS where are you to live. I'm telling you from live experience. I wrote this to give you some insight of why this guy so secretive.