Download: Minecraft 1.6.1 The Horse Update


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The ever more popular block game created by Markus Persson has received another important update. This Minecraft update is known as The Horse Update, and as the name suggests one of the major additions are horses. There also donkeys and mules, and like horses these can be bred and spawn naturally.

Download: Minecraft 1.6.1 for Windows, Mac or Linux

These animals have to be tamed before you to ride them, but once you do they are a fun way of transportation and you can add chests to their saddles (donkeys and mules). To add a little more excitement you can name your horses like other ‘pets’ and add different armors like iron and diamond.

Other improvements include a conversion tool to convert texture pack to resource packs, which among other things allows you to add sounds to different items.

As with previous updates there are some performance and stability fixes as well. When it comes to gameplay you can expect improvements in riding mounts, respiration enhancements, extra tooltips, carpets in different colors which can be added on blocks, and like you can do stain wool you can now do stained clay. For the builders there is now hardened clay which is just as hard as stone.

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LOL TechSpot got it wrong. Minecraft was created by Notch not Markus Persson.
LOL Techspot got it wrong. Minecraft was create by Notch not Markus Persson. LOL JESUS MAN. Learn 2 report.

This is a lie!!! I CREATED MINECRACK

o me it seems they have been slacking with the updates (they are not exactly amazing, then again they are free).

I would love to see better modding support and server support. For example as seen in Counter Strike Source or Garrys Mod. Upon joining a server, necessary server texture files, sounds are downloaded for customised gameplay. I would love to have customised NPCs on my server but due to needing others to download necessary mods in order for them to see the custom NPCs I simply skip this.
Minecraft is great, but these updates are a joke, Notch sits back and rakes in the cash and then releases updates that are just watered down versions of mods that have been around for ages, how about they support the modding community and incorporate the full versions of the mods in Minecraft.
Amen! instead of just letting the mods do their job with a mod API they keep killing the mods that work fine and add them as "features" that have less functionality and no configuration.
I used to have the fully updated version of minecraft, but yesterday I was messing around with it and now it's gone. I'm going to all of these websites and trying to download it, but all it says is Minecrraft --> Applications in a seperate box (I'm on a Mac) So I really wanna play, but I don't know how. So can some1 please help me?