Download: Nvidia Drivers 320.00 with performance boosts for GeForce 400/500/600 GPUs


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Nvidia released their well awaited GeForce 320.00 drivers in beta form today. Although they are not the final release it's highly likely they will be almost identical. For those willing to take the plunge these drivers promise performance boosts for...

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Jad Chaar

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And now the games begin. AMDs 13.4 (or whatever it will be called) vs 320 stable (when it is released).


Caused stuttering with Heaven 4.0 and core down clocking of SLI-680's while playing BF3 for this user. Uninstalled (n)

Gopal Bhat

Wish they would give figures for their older cards.
They say GTX 400/500/600, but only give improvement figures for 6 series cards. My GTX 580 feels left out :(