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Jan 15, 2010
  1. Hello,

    I work on a computer that is run 24 hrs and last night soomeone (who admitted to it) downloaded some sort of virus and now its very slow and crashes periodically.

    You guys have been great in the past helping remove crap, help this time would be much appreciated.

    The info I have is it crashes pretty fast. We run Goldmine CRM software and it doesn't work now.

    Let me know what answers you need to your questions.

  2. newbyneedshelp

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    I just saw that I have 70 processes running and have no clue what 60 of them are.

    I am not getting any pop ups or red-directs. Just extremely slow internet connection.

  3. Archean

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    First of all install an decent AV (AVG/Avira ..... I have no personal preference for any of them) on it, as well as something like MBAM update them and do a complete scan, i hope that should clear anything out which may be infecting it. Also its always help to have an decent firewall like Comodo or Outpost (you can find free version of them easily) running.

    Anway, if that doesn't help can you provide which processes are running? You can paste a picture by using PrintScreen function saving that clipboard data in to jepg image in any basic photo editors ......
  4. newbyneedshelp

    newbyneedshelp TS Rookie Topic Starter

  5. Bobbye

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    Please see your other thread. Help will be there.

    A note: we check for malware in this forum. IF you have 70 processes, you're going to be slow!
    Google is your friend. Use it. We don't have time to look up your 70 processes!
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