DRAM module makers pushed to OEMs

By Julio Franco
Aug 23, 2003
  1. The shrinking DRAM spot market has pushed Taiwanese DRAM module makers to explore business in the OEM market, where they face stiffer quality requirements, sources said.

    Sales for DRAM modules in the spot market, which still took close to 30% of total module sales in the first quarter of this year, are now accounting for only about 15-20% of the market due to strong sales of brand PCs, according to estimates by sources at local DRAM module makers.

    Interesting news coming from Digitimes sources, and while I wouldn't worry for high spec'd modules, I would stay with the more trusted manufacturers for regular modules, Crucial makes their own chips (part of Micron), I know a lot of you that have more than a happy to story to tell about them.
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