Drive Copy from a IDE to SATA Drive

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Jan 29, 2006
  1. I just bought a new SATA2 drive and I want to drive copy my old ATA100 drive to it. I tried using Norton Ghost twice and the first time it gave me a "Error Loading Operations System" when I tried to boot it, then the second time it loaded windows but it froze shortly after. Right now all my data is still working fine on my IDE drive. I've read that Norton Ghost has some issues with SATA drives and I was wondering if somebody knew of a better program to use that works better with sata.

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    you can use other hard drive manufactors software ,but I like seagate disc wizard
    and it will lead you through the copy process and youshould have no problems after that
    make sure the mother board sata drivers are loaded
    wizard should show the hard drive you want to copy to
    good luck

    ghost is great from dos stand point but not from windows GUI
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    If i use a manufactors tool will it work with the drives i have. My IDE drive is a Western Digital and my SATA2 drive is a Samsung??? I also wonder is it a good idea to run my OS off a SATA drive, i've heard that SATA drives are known to crash a lot more than IDE drives.

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    from what I have seen it is just the opposite. the sata drives are more reliable.
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