Drive disabled?

By gothickitty
Jul 27, 2009
  1. I was down loading songs and something happened to my computer. (i'll never do that again) I called gateway support and after going though steps over the phone with help he tolled me my hard drive was gone.(not as much gone as it was just not respounding i belive he was trying to say) After months of waiting my husband bought a hard drive and a new OS. After putting everything into the computer and stating it back up everything seemed fine. And after clicking "Install now" the next screen showed a pop up box that said "driver not found" have we done something wrong? Should i have done something first? I clicked f2 and found myself on the CMOS screen and then clicked on "Advanced BIOS Features" then "Hard disk boot prioritety". It was just a blue screen that said "1st drive [sata:3m Hitachi HD] and so i clicked again. and it said disabled? could that be why? its disabled so the os cant be loaded onto the new hard driver? Im new at this and so im more then lost. any help would mean alot!
  2. Tmagic650

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    do you have a friend that knows computer hardware? This might be a faster way to get you up and running again... Good luck :)
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