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By fido
Nov 14, 2005
  1. I downloaded a patch for the pc simulation IL-2 forgotten Batttles Aces to a cd and then was loading it from the cd into my game drive is E, something happened and now when i insert a disc in E it will not recognize any disk...have tried removing drive E: and reinstalling,,,,a message i also get is cannot find rts.dll file,,,,anyway i have another cd drive, drive "F", which is a cdrw, which works fine with the game, what did i do to E:? and how do i fix this problem? i have tried multiple cd's in drive E and it will not recognize any,,,also when i go into system information file i get a system 32.dll which closes my system information box, have tried 'system restore" but it is not working...My os is Windows ME, if that matters...prior to my loading the game patch to the system, drive E: worked fine..the patch came from the game originator ...thanks
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    Thanks for the help

    Thanks for the help and a new site that seems like it has it's stuff together regarding sim flying/tactics,etc...... :grinthumb
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