Driver Download Trouble

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Apr 8, 2007
  1. Hello,
    For starters I just want you to know I'm really pissed off! Now that that's out of the way, here's my problem: I just installed a Samsung DVD burner, model SH-S182M, from New Egg. Of course they didn't send any software with it, so I went looking for a driver. And then I found you. You in turn sent me a .bin file, which my system doesn't seem to want anything to do with. I'm running Win XP Pro. When I attempt to open the file it defaults to some Windows boot.vis program which doesn't recognize the file format. Any suggestions?
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    Hi and welcome to the TS Forum :wave:

    First off why do you want a driver ? XP as far as i know doesnt need any drivers for any make or model or CD -DVD or CD unit, I have never added a driver for any unit on any PC I have ever setup.

    But to answer your question a BIN file is a file designed to be burnt to CD or DVD and can be opened with programs such as WinISO or similar, or you can use tools such as Alcohol to mount the BIN file and read the contents directly.

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    Response tp Driver download Trouble

    The answer to your question is that sometimes Windows doesn't supply a driver, like maybe in the case of a device not on the HCL, or the driver may be out of date. But in any case I have since posting my question, determined successfully that the system is not recognizing the drive.

    Thank You For Your Reply,

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    You didn't say whether that was a second dvd and if you were using an existing cable or anything so it is hard to help.

    If it is a solo and cable select is set, it has to be hooked up to the end cable fitting, not the middle.
  5. esotericx10

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    Sorry I didn't mention it. Yes it is a second DVD Writer. And yes it is an existing cable. I've tried uninstalling the molex and forty pin cables and reinstalling them, to no avail. The system just doesn't recognize the drive. At this point I don't know if that's because there's no driver installed or something else. I've never had trouble installing a device before, this is the first time.

    Just so you know, I've had a year of formal tech school for training in A+, Network+, and MCSA. The exact device I'm trying to install is a Samsung SH-S182M DVD writer. I've also tried going into the BIOS to see if it recognized the drive and it doesn't.
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    Here's what I would try:

    Assuming you are using the Primary IDE slot:

    Shut down, disconnect the existing cd/dvd, power up, shut down again, hook up the NEW one to the end (black) connector of the 80 wire 40 pin cable and power cables.

    Power up and see -
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    For the record, Windows 98 and above (not sure about 95) do not need the user to install a driver for an optical drive, regardless of whether it is CD or DVD burner or not. They are all handled under the same generic driver. The only thing you can 'update' is the firmware, and this should be a last resort before throwing out the drive.

    If the BIOS doesn't recognise the drive you either have a bad drive, bad cable, bad power, bad motherboard, or a bad connection on power or data cable. The fact that it isn't recognised in the BIOS eliminates any chance of it working in Windows.
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    Driver Dowmload Trouble

    Hello again,

    Well folks thanks for all of the advice. I have resolved the problem and it turned out to be a simple matter that we all forgot. I had neglected to set the jumpers on the device. Once I corrected that, the problem disappeared. I am now enjoying the use of my DVD burner.

    Thanks Again,

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    Thanks SNGX1275 for clarifying what I said at the start, esotericx10 after being told by 2 people are you now still adamamt that its a driver issue.

    I'd ask for your money back if you paid for the course.
  10. CCT

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    In post #4 I mentioned cable select ( a jumper setting ) - just for your info.

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