driver driving me insane

By copsoldier
Jan 18, 2007
  1. I recently restored my computer due to a spyware issue. Everything works great on the laptop but my desktop cannot install the Video Controller driver. I keep getting the message "Device not configured properly code 1". I have the installation cd and have scoured the web looking for a fit but no luck. The machine seems to run ok but web pages don't exactly fit right. When I finally figured out how to identify the device, the driver files all say not available. I need this machine to call home. Please anyone help.
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    Hi there copsoldier and welcome to TechSpot!!

    The answer to your question is no, we cannot help unless we know at least some basic information like what your laptop actually is and what version of Windows it has on. We are not clairvoyant.
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    driver issues

    The laptop is an HP dv 60000 with Windows XP media edition 2005, 80gb hard drive, and 512 ram. That is not the issue though as it works ok. The desktop is the issue. It is a Systemax with Windows XP SP2, 40 gb hard drive, and 512 ram. There is not a great deal superfluous software on eithr machine. I run webroot spysweeper with av on both. On the dsektop, device manager info is either not available or unknown for this video controller. I tried to down load another driver and it would not let me stating that the driver was too advanced for the type of controller I have. When I restored the desktop, I had a devil of a time re-installing my webcam also. I had to find the driver for the microphone in la-la land and install IT manually.
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