Drivers and software update problem


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After a recent malware cleanup here, I found many issues such as my computer not detecting any USB device, Avast doesn't update the virus definitions, downloaded Windows updates don't install, only the default browser connects to the internet. I tried to uninstall Malwarebytes and it opens "failed to uninstall" message. What could be the problem and how can I fix it?


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I'll give you my impressions which may or may not help. Firstly, you mention Bestprosoft which is something I'd never heard of. It is part of the group of programs that enable users to run software free by using a "crack" to activate the program. There is an issue in that such programs may introduce malware which is pretty well impossible to remove and may explain your browser issues. A fresh install of Windows 7 is what I'd do to recover my PC. Had you kept up with the free updates offered by Microsoft you'd be running Windows 10 which would make the recovery much easier. Check that you have the Windows 7 installation disk and the activation number that should marked on your PC case then you are ready to go. I'm sure you can buy a W7 disk on ebay if you haven't got one. Downloading the ISO (disk image) wouldn't go well with your duff system. In future avoid "keygens" and "cracks."