Drivers compaq presario c752TU

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Feb 25, 2008
  1. anybody help me plz i have purchased a new laptop as in title it comes with windows vista preloaded but due to lack of speed i uninstal vista and instal a fresh new copy of win xp sp2 but there lies a problem for me about sound,wi fi,modem drivers and the support of compaq does not provide any drivers for me on win xp so plz plz provide me (conexant) sound and modem driver and (broadcom) wi fi driver as i am a new to yours forum (plz help me urgent) my mail id is
  2. Matthew

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    You're asking for spam with your email address posted publicly.

    HP has it clearly posted all over their website that they will not provide XP compatible drivers on some machines for users that downgrade from Vista. That said, the only way for us to help you find drivers for your system (if they're out there) is by knowing what sound card you have. Post that information and I'm sure someone will respond in a more than reasonable amount of time. Until then, keep your pants on.

    From HP:

  3. chup

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    first of all sorry for my mistake as i dont know the rules and regulations for posting my email id publickly sir my sound and modem card are both of (conexant) as i have said it in my starting thread so plz plz provide me only sound and modem driver for my laptop.
  4. Matthew

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    That does literally nothing for me or anyone else here. We will need the exact model of the card before we start searching for a driver.
  5. turbo1

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    Hi chup,

    this is from HP

    your dxdiag diagnostic report you posted from the other thread appears that
    your sound card is not detected & your sound devices show absolutely no informations at all.

    some of your machine's component is VISTA compliant,one of them is your sound.

    i strongly suggest that you revert back to VISTA,if you have issues with regards
    to your machine's speed,whether network or loading of applications,then you can
    start another thread to the right forums.
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