Drivers for geforce2 mx 400

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May 30, 2002
  1. what are the best drivers for a vision tek geforce 2 mx 400, when im running xp? I have the 29.20 drivers right now. anyone got any suggestions?
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    I'm running the 29.20 too & like it on my Win98SE OS. I tried the 29.40 but couldn't get it to install. Hmm.

    With the 29.20 I'm using Riva Tuner to OC the card to 215 core X 387 memory & the pixels have gone from 'stock' 400k/sec to 433k/sec. along with improvements across the board on all the #'s using the Fresh Diagnose benchmark for 'Display Adapter'. :grinthumb

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    I've went from 23.12 to 28.30 to 29.20 & have seen nothing but performance loss. I don't use the nView options so it seems I might go back to 23.12. I'm using a GF3TI200 BTW.
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    I'm currently using the 28.32 and I don't think there has been much if any change in my performance since somewhere in the 23.xx drivers. I tried the 29.20 but had some problems so I went back to the 28.32.

    My philosophy when dealing with updating drivers is, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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