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By terry5880
Jun 30, 2012
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  1. hi all need help getting ethernet controller driver sm bus controller video controller and vga compatible video controller .. for a desktop dell optiplex 745 service tag 4V3T43J and same for a laptop toshiba L30-134 model no- PSL33E as bought them reformatted but missing those in device manager and I have searched I went to put in service tag downloaded all drivers that showed up but still missing . help please...thanks in advance
  2. Leeky

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    Need to know what OS (and if its 64-bit in the case of XP, Vista or Windows 7) you're going to use on each of them Terry. I'll hunt out the drivers for them once I know what they're going to run.

    Once ethernet is working, it should pull in at least some of the hardware drivers you need anyway.
  3. terry5880

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    both windows xp pro 32 bit thanks I been looking and downloading some but happy for your help incase I got the wrong ones
  4. Leeky

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    The Dell first:

    If it has Wi-Fi:
    Chipset drivers:
    Video appears to be AMD based, so you'll need to get that from by selecting it from the download drivers area.
    There is an Intel VGA driver as well, so use this if you don't have a dedicated GPU:
    Windows Update should pull anything else in without an issue.

    Now the Toshiba laptop:

    Click me for the download page for all the drivers for Windows XP.

    It seems this laptop uses either an Intel or Atheros Wireless setup, depending on its age, but all the drivers you'll need are available on that page. I've filtered it out so it only shows the ones you need. They're all for XP.

    Hope this helps.

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