Driving me crazy! With Sims 2

By dolphineyes10
Apr 7, 2010
  1. Ok I just bought a new computer about a week or so ago an I already had a virus on it, so I called geek squad (6 months free with purchase) an they told me just to reinstall windows 7. ok no problem I did that virus gone, before this all happened I installed the sims 2: Double deluxe, best of business collection, fun with pets collection, an university life collection. everything was working fine. Until I reinstalled windows 7 when I got the virus, after that I started reinstalling my sims I was able to install double deluxe but nothing else when I put any of the other disks in it said "all the packs are already installed" so I called EA games that comes in the case and they walked me threw a manual uninstallation for it, and I made sure it wasnt anywhere on my computer did searches and nothing came up. So they said try it again so I did an same problem came up, I think it might be in my other hard drive "C drive recovery" Is there anyway I can delete everything in there cuz I know I will not need it I just want my games to work, Ive been trying to get this work now for 8 hrs an Im about to pull my hair out.

    Also a little bit more info, got it at best buy its a dell desktop - Processor - Intel (R) pentium dual core 2.70 GHz Name Intel (R) G33/G31 Express chipset family, with 6.00 GB RAM and 523 free space on hard drive. and DirectX 11. Operating system: windows 7 Home premium If you need anymore info just let me know.

    The guy who helped me pick this computer out at best buy said these games will work with no problem even if I had all the expansion packs installed.

    So I dont know whats wrong can someone please help me out!

    Thanks, Heather
  2. mailpup

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    When you reinstalled Windows, did you also separately reinstall all of the chipset, sound, video, etc. drivers?
  3. dolphineyes10

    dolphineyes10 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yes I reinstalled everything it came with, an for some reason my c drive is now my recovery drive with only 14.5 GB an my D drive is my main drive with 523 GB free.... I went to best buy today an they said they have never heard of that happening before so tomorrow I have to drop my tower off to see if they can fix it an put my games on for me since its being stupid....
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