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Mar 26, 2003
  1. Please help....I have 2win98SE machines using a BT voyager 2000 wireless modem/router with the USB wireless adapters but the DSL line keeps dropping after a random period of time. Sometimes its fine for hours but then will drop every few minutes for a hour then be ok again.

    I have tried calling BT & they say my line is fine & can't see a fault etc etc

    Are they any tweaks I should make to the out of the box config of the modem/router? Anyone else had same type of problems??

    Thanks in advance
  2. Nodsu

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    Are you sure it's the DSL connection dropping? The DSL light on the DSL light on the modem will go out if DSL connection is lost.
    The problem might be the wireless link to the modem instead.

    What exactly are the symptoms?
  3. Pedd

    Pedd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The DSL light on the voyager box flashs & if I check the DSL status the online time is reset so am fairly sure its the DSL line, how could I check which it is?
    Somebody else told me it might be line noise, the line margin show from the box is 40.5db but I'm not sure if this is good or bad....

    When the line drops the ADSL wizard appears and the status of the line is shown as handshaking, then training & then back to the normal showtime, the PPPoA status does the same but establishing rather than training
  4. Nodsu

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    In that case it's most likely the DSL line. Also a slight chance of router crashing, but I doubt it would reset itself and reconnect.

    The number 40 dB suggests that it's the attenuation factor, 40 is quite normal.

    You can check your line quality by performing an download/upload speed test, there are websites that let you do it. Just find the closest one to your location. You can also continuously ping some server from your ISP (e.g. the DNS server).

    If your dl/ul speed is considerably less than what you're paying for or you get lost packets while pinging, you have a bad line.

    You can look over the cabling in your own house. Does the phone line run next to power cables? Is it bent sharply around corners anywhere? All jacks plugged in properly?

    Perhaps you can find a connection between the line dropping and some event like your neighbour turning on his 30kW electric lawnmower or something?

    You can also try a wired modem to rule out a problem with wireless. Maybe swap modems with a friend?
  5. Pedd

    Pedd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    The line attenuation is 29db (according to the router)

    I have tried some of the speed tests that are on some sites and they report that I have no issues, am gonna "steal" a wired router of a mate and see if that has any drops

    Thanks for the advise :)
  6. kenkeL22

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    dsl line dropping with BT Voyager router

    I'm posting this even though the original problem is an old one. I was having exactly the same symptoms. Installed/de-installed/re-installed/tried a different computer - the works. On the phone with BT numerous times who checked the line for faults, etc. The 'problem' ended up being a faulty filter!! It was brand new out of the box and was bad. Simple but sometimes you just don't think of it! :blush:
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