DSL modem constantly reboots, please help

By ericj205
Feb 11, 2010
  1. I currently have a 2Wire DSL modem model 2701HG-B with built-in wireless and ATT is the ISP.

    I had a Motorola modem before this one (for 8 months) that would lock up and need a reset to re-establish connect several times a day. I complained to ATT and they sent a tech who replaced the modem with the 2-Wire.

    I have had the 2Wire for about 4 months now and the entire time it appears to be rebooting itself several times a day, which interrupts my work and is very frustrating. The symptom is the DSL led light is solid green and the Internet led is solid red. It will stay like this for 30sec or so, then appears to go through a reboot process. Then the connection comes back. There is no other router on the network, just a desktop with XP and a laptop with XP. I sometimes sign on to a VPN from the laptop for work. I have tried shutting one pc off at a time but that doesn't seem to be a factor.

    Can anyone provide some suggestions on how to troubleshoot this? I can provide info from the modem diagnostics page if that would help.
  2. P4PC

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    I never had any problems with my modems, Try reseting your modem to factory stage. on back of your modem you will see a small little hole press it with something small and hold it til your lights flash krazy. If that works then good. log into your modem from web browser if you dont know your modem IP go to start> run> type in CMD> type in ip config >enter and you'll see your ip from gateway type it in your web broswer for me would be then just basically mess with sittings there or look around. best of luck!
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