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Apr 3, 2006
  1. I have recently signed up for DSL service and after connecting the modem and making set up changes, I can't connect to the internet. The tech support person I spoke with seemed to think that my NIC card is bad. What is the best way to tell if that is the problem. I bought a new NIC card to replace the existing one. However, when I went to install it I noticed that I have an integrated NIC. Can I have both installed and just use the new one? Will this solve my problem??? Please help, I am paying for dsl service that I can't even use!!!

  2. peterdiva

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    Disable the onboard one via the BIOS or the device manager. The best way to know is to try another one. You can also check that the onboard one is showing correctly in the device manager.
  3. Spike

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    Both will work completely independantly.
  4. Samstoned

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    for now go to my network right click should see to connections disable one of them
    dsl software is very badly written and may cause some headaches

    uninstall the software and reboot make sure the new nic has the lastes driver softs and is working
    reinstall the pppoe software your provider gave you let it go through connection and find the nic
    PS the reboot must be a cold boot on all boot up's thats is completly pull the plug on machine
    the nic is still powered even when pc is off
    and the modem can hang the nic and not let a new configuration happen
    the only way I know arounf this bad modem /software issue is by getting a router and do away with the software/ use router firmware to connect to isp
  5. dvasil

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    thanks for all the info. I uninstalled the integrated nic, also I disabled the onboard nic in the BIOS screen(i am not sure this has anything to do with it). The new nic I installed is now the only one, and device manager tells me it is working properly, but still nothing. When I check the properties of the connection Icon it tells me it is connected, however, internet explorer times out and I am unable to ping my own computer. Any other ideas... still paying for DSL and using dial up!!!
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