Dual 16x vs dual 8x pci e motherboards for graphics cards


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Hi all I no the title of this topic maybe hard to understand, basically im in the market to be upgrading from z77 to a newer z97 board, I have a few in mind that range from $180 all the way to $400, and when it comes down to it, it is the pci express lanes. I'm currently running dual 7970s and I noticed a lot of motherboards run 2x8x with dual video cards but some boards will run at 2x16x, so I was just seeing if anyone can tell me if theirs a big diff between running 2x8x and 2x16x with crossfired cards. thanks a bunch!


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You will most likely see no difference in performance unless you put dual GPU cards in the 8x slots. But any normal setup including things like an GTX 780ti or R9 290X in SLI/CFX on 8x or 16x will see no performance differences.
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